Mange Treatment: With Amitraz™

Mange Treatment: With Amitraz™

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More effective than RIDD™ in treating mange. VOSD Dog Care™ Amitraz™ concentrate is extremely effective against endoparasites that cause mange and it's symptoms such as broken skin, lesions and pattern hair loss in dogs. As a dog owner, it is important that you get to know these symptoms of mange in dogs. Trying home remedies for mange in a dog does not help much. It is important to get expert advice immediately. You can write to for free medical advice from our team of experts if you suspect mange symptoms in your dog.

  • Packaging innovation: For the 1st time in India available in 60ml bottles since it is really needed in small amounts so you do not need to buy and store larger volumes. 
  • VOSD Tip: Did you know you should not shake or mix the concentrate before applying but allow natural diffusion to mix it in water?
  • Does your dog need it? If you need further information on when to use the VOSD Dog Care™ Amitraz™ based concentrate for your dogs' skin problems look up the VOSD Treatment Knowlege Base or simply mail us at



Shampoo the dog. Pat dry. Make a dip concentrate as per dosage. Apply the solution all over the body and on the affected area liberally. Allow to dry. Do not give the dog a bath for a week after application. 2-3 applications for Sarcoptic Mange, and 5-8 applications for Demodectic Mange. 

Ticks and fleas: 2ml/lt of water
Mange: 3-4 ml/lt of water
Use half the dilution for small breeds

Amitraz 12.5% w/v.
Amitraz is used for the prevention and treatment of ectoparasites (ticks and fleas that live above the skin) and endoparasites (that cause mange - mites that live under the skin). More efficient to manage. High skin penetrability. Strong miticidal property - kills all stages of mites.

Harmful if swallowed. Do not allow dog to lick coat till dry. Wash hands thoroughly after use. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.