Tick & Flea Treatment for Outdoors & Indoors (adulticide)

Tick & Flea Treatment for Outdoors & Indoors (adulticide)

  • Rs. 299.00

VOSD Dog Care™ Outdoors & Indoors treatment for Tick & Flea Treatment is an adulticide concentrate to be used after dilution and sprayed on indoor and outdoor walls following heavy/visible tick and flea infestation. 

If you have a situation that there is a very heavy tick/ flea infestation just treating the dog is not enough, you need to control the ticks in and around your home. Ticks, after gorging themselves on dogs' blood, fall off the dog and start climbing walls to find a safe place to digest the blood. While feeding on the dog and while climbing walls they will lay thousands of eggs on the dogs' skin and on the walls. These eggs are very resilient to even VOSD Dog Care™ Fipronil™ based lotion or any such treatment. It is important to kill the ticks and fleas on the walls using a dilution of the concentrate and repeat use in 5 and 10 days to ensure all the ticks and fleas hatching from eggs also die.  

VOSD Dog Care™ Deltamethrin™ based concentrate is what you will need in such a situation. You can create the right spray-on using the concentrate and spray using a common gardening spray gun. VOSD Dog Care™ Deltamethrin™ based concentrate will kill 97-99% of all ticks and fleas on the 1st use and 100% ticks extermination on second and subsequent uses. 

  • Packaging innovation: For the 1st time in India product is available in 60ml packaging so you only purchase the amount you require. 
  • VOSD Tip: The tick and flea eggs will hatch in 5-10 days it is best to repeat use in a week and repeat again. 
  • Does your dog need it? Ticks cause tick fever that is very often deadly. If you need further information on when and how to use VOSD Dog Care™ Fipronil™ based lotion for keeping your dog tick and flea free look up the VOSD Treatment Knowlege Base or simply mail us at info@strays.in


10ml/lt of water. Pour water in a bucket or bottle and add the concentrate using the measuring cap provided. Spray on walls,yard and other areas as required. The product is highly poisonous. Do not re-use bucket, bottles, measuring cap etc. Keep away from dogs and children. 


Deltamethrin 12.5% w/v. 


Highly toxic. Make sure when spraying there is no wind from windows or ceiling fans to prevent contact with skin or eyes. After spraying keep room ventilated and do not allow children, dogs or adults to stay in the room for up to 4 hrs. Wash hands thoroughly after use. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.