VOSD Dog Care™ anti Tick & Flea pack (6 months of protection & grooming)

VOSD Dog Care™ anti Tick & Flea pack (6 months of protection & grooming)

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How many times have you gone to a vet or a pet store, looking for a piece-meal solution for your dogs' health?  VOSD Dog Care™ brings the essentials of great grooming, skin, scratchiness,  skin hydration and protection from allergic dermatitis, fungal infections, tick fever etc. in one attractive pack of containing 6 months for of supply of VOSD Dog Care™ medicated shampoo, VOSD Dog Care™ tick and flea lotion with FipronilVOSD Dog Care™ mange concentrate with Amitraz™, VOSD SpotON with IGR+ and VOSD 100% Organic Herbal medication for all cuts, bruises, injuries and skin conditions. 

Follow a simple regimen for your dog:

  1. Bathe the dog with VOSD Dog Care™ medicated shampoo: It removes any ticks and fleas, and debris and leaves clean skin and lustrous coat. 
  2. Apply VOSD SpotON with IGR+ for complete tick and flea protection for up to 3 months (duration depends on exposure to sunlight and water)
  3. Apply mange treatment (concentrate with Amitraz™) in case any hairless spots are detected
  4. Apply tick and flea lotion with Fipronil™ in case the dog is exposed to heavy tick and flea infestation, or you've had to bath the dog again. 
  5. After 3 months, repeat bathing and application of 2nd VOSD SpotON with IGR+ and repeat steps 2 to 4

Each pack contains:

  • 2 bottles of VOSD Dog Care™ medicated shampoos (60ml, 200ml, 400ml depending on dogs' size)
  • 2 bottles of single-use VOSD SpotON with IGR+ 3 month tick and flea treatments (5ml presentation)
  • 1 bottle of anti-mange concentrate with Amitraz
  • 2 bottles of tick and flea protection lotions with Fipronil™
  • 1 bottle of Organic All-In-One treatment for all types of injuries cuts and bruises

You save 50-70% off the individual purchase price and you have all the products with you when you need them.

Note: Please order the correct product according to the size of dog -- other product quantities may be varied on an application, but the SpotON treatment comes packaged for single use and it is essential you order the product according to dogs' size and weight to prevent overdosing. 

  • Toy/lap dogs: 2-5 kgs
  • Small dogs: 5-10kgs
  • Medium dog: 11-19kg
  • Large dog: 20-40kg
  • Very large dog: 40-60kg
  • Giant dog: 60+ kg