Tick & Flea Shampoo with Cypermethrin™

Tick & Flea Shampoo with Cypermethrin™

  • Rs. 299.00

VOSD Dog Care™ Tick and Flea shampoo with Cypermethrin™ is more effective than other brand for treating ticks and fleas on your dog. VOSD Dog Care™ Tick and Flea shampoo with Cypermethrin™ kills 97-99% destruction of all ticks and fleas even with a very heavy infestation on the 1st use and near 100% on second use. This Tick and Flea shampoo is made from the purest highest quality ingredients to allow safe repeated use to keep your dog tick and flea free. Added ingredients ensure a lustrous after use hair feel and allows easier grooming for medium and long-haired dogs. 

  • VOSD Tip: Did you know the maximum likelihood of ticks is just above the tail, along the spine, behind and in the ears and on the shoulder blades? And since the eggs will hatch in 5+ days it is best to repeat use in a week? 
  • Does your dog need it? Ticks cause tick fever that is very often deadly. If you need further information on when and how to use VOSD Dog Care™ Fipronil™ based lotion for keeping your dog tick and flea free look up the VOSD Treatment Knowlege Base or simply mail us at info@strays.in


Rinse dog with warm water, then apply shampoo liberally. Take care not to allow shampoo to get into the eyes and nose of the dog. Lather the coat well - pay attention to the areas of maximum infestation including behind the ears, underbelly, and along the spine and rump. Allow the dog to stand for five minutes before rinsing off. Apply a second time in case of a particular heavy infestation. Allow to drip dry for one minute, then pat dry with a towel. You can use a hair dryer to completely dry the dog.

Cypermethrin 1% w/v. Shampoo base q.s.

Cypermethrin is used for the prevention and treatment of ectoparasites (ticks and fleas that live above the skin) including ticks and fleas. Product has low toxicity and high margin of safety. Kills all stages of ticks and fleas. Ticks cause Tick Fever which is a fatal disease, and fleas can cause flea allergies. Keep your dog free of tick and fleas.

Harmful if swallowed. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in well-ventilated area. Do not allow dog to lick coat till dry. Wash hands thoroughly after use. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.