Tick & Flea Treatment: Organic Neem Oil

  • Rs. 349.00

Shake the bottle well before use. Best used after shampooing with a suitable shampoo & conditioner and completely drying your dog. Take some of the pure Neem oil from the bottle on your fingertips and massage on the skin of your dog, against the hair grain, from tail to head. Take only small quantities on your fingertips and massage well on the dog's body. This Neem oil cannot be used in a spray. Any cloudiness or sediment in the oil does not show impurity. The oil  has a strong smell when applied and is a natural , organic insecticide. The smell will also act as a mosquito repellent for your home and yard.The smell will dissipate in 1-2 hours. If heavy infestation is already present, shampoo the next day and reapply. Application will prevent infestation for up to a month in heavily infested surroundings.

100% organic Neem Oil.

Neem Oil is a proven prevention and treatment against fleas and ticks. Use of Neem Oil also keeps the skin hydrated, and the coat lustrous. 

None. Product is an all natural and organic remedy.